Yamaguchi Free Public Wi-Fi Service

Yamaguchi Prefecture has teamed up with a wireless LAN service provider (NTT West - Yamaguchi Branch) to provide "Yamaguchi Free Wi-Fi" service in order to promote comfortable and convenient access to free wireless service in public spaces for tourists visiting from overseas.

Description of Service

SSID Service Availability
Yamaguchi_Free_Wi-Fi 60 min. session × 4 sessions / day (Service can be used for a total of 240 minutes per day)
Yamaguchi_Free_Wi-Fi_Premium 60 min. session × n sessions / day (Unlimited number of sessions)
Yamaguchi_Free_Wi-Fi_Plus 60 min. session × n sessions / day (Unlimited number of sessions)

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Service Locations

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Description of Service

How to use Yamaguchi Free Wi-Fi

Connect to "Yamaguchi_Free_Wi-Fi" network

Select "Yamaguchi_Free_Wi-Fi" from available Wi-Fi network on your device.


Open the internet browser


Check the Terms and Conditions

Enter your e-mail address

Enter your e-mail address and click Connect.


Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

"Yamaguchi Free Wi-Fi" is participating in the "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi " coverage service.

Terms and Conditions

This service is operated using the Internet connection function provided by NTT Media Supply Co., Ltd. The terms and conditions are based on the "DoSPOT" service provided by NTT Media Supply Co., Ltd. Users must agree to the terms and conditions to use this service.

Free Internet connection terms and conditions (PDF)


In order to ensure easy access for all users, this service does not use security such as WEP which requires presetting the wireless LAN terminal. Users must be aware of this requirement and shall be held responsible when using this service.

Public wireless LAN security (PDF)

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Contact Us

"Yamaguchi Free Wi-Fi" setup (service fee and installation)

NTT West Flet's Hikari Customer Service Center
Toll free: Phone - 0120-202-990
Available: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Excluding New Year holidays (12/29 to 1/3))

"Yamaguchi Free Wi-Fi Project"

Domestic and International Collaborations Section for the Tourism Policy Division, Yamaguchi Prefectural Tourism, Collaboration & Promotion Section